Ambulance Request

From time to time it becomes necessary for a community organization, school, or business to request that an ambulance stage at the scene of a special event. It is the policy of Marple Township Ambulance Corps (MTAC) to provide this service without reservation. However, in the recent years it has become increasingly more expensive to provide this service without compensation, especially when the event calls for a crew to be “committed” to the scene. On average, the cost for a basic life support ambulance to leave the station alone is in the area of $510.00 dollars; this includes personnel, personnel training, equipment, fuel and insurance.


Please determine the level of care and crew type you need for your special event.  Complete the request application form and return it to MTAC as soon as possible and fax it to 610‐356‐9502 or email to [email protected]. Contact our station at 610‐356‐1639 (leave message if necessary) if you have any questions. Remember, it is important to give us as much notice as possible since the shortage of emergency medical personnel in the area has placed a great demand on our resources.  If you are having difficulty determining the level of care, call us and ask us what our recommendation would be based on the description of the event.

For a copy of the form, please email [email protected]